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Recorders against the regime

The petty tales of romance and drama carried by the “recorders” are opening up a new world for the people inside North Korea, little by little.


The Anachronism of “5-jang 6-gi”

5-jang 6-gi refers to that ideal dowry package — or just another reminder of the scarcity of goods and the dire state of the North Korean economy.


The loneliest person in North Korea

MPS surveillance police feel estranged from the ordinary populace as a result of fulfilling their duties to the totalitarian state.

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Interview: Shin Dong-hyuk, human rights advocate

“In South Korea, when I call myself a North Korean human rights advocate, many people label me as “a conservative” or “a reactionary idiot.” I say, pointing out human rights issues and fighting to improve them is not a “conservative” thing to do. It is not “conservative” to oppose the totalitarian regime and the imprisonment camps.”