Controls tighten on North Korean overseas labourers

New Focus correspondents were informed via telephone that specific numbers of North Korean overseas labourers in their 20s and 30s have been sent to different provinces in China.


The Dreams of North Korean Children

Boys dream of becoming KPA soldiers or policemen, while girls hope to become teachers, or artists.

There are Parents, but no Parents’ Day

“In North Korea, people are forced to become dutiful children to the Kim Family rather than to their own parents. You are too poor to even prepare the altar for your deceased parents, but are required to bring expensive flowers to the Kim Family’s memorial.”

How old are soldiers in North Korea?

Currently, a large number of South Korean males are heading off to different locations around the country to report to annual reservist training sessions. In North Korea, a look at the age of reserve soldiers reveal…

A corn refinery in Changjin country, North Korea/New Focus

How much does it cost?

The question is not so simple in North Korea.