Controls tighten on North Korean overseas labourers

New Focus correspondents were informed via telephone that specific numbers of North Korean overseas labourers in their 20s and 30s have been sent to different provinces in China.

North Korean refugees in front of the Japanese embassy in China.

Lying to Live: Escapees

Escapees often hide the truth about their escape from their families back home in North Korea, by assuring family members that ‘escaping North Korea isn’t as hard as it seems’.

In North Korea, pornographic videos are traded under the table at markets. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Pornography in North Korea

“When it comes to sex, North Korean culture is that closed – because of this, sex in North Korea can only go further into the shadows.”

Photo released by the  Korean Central News Agency of a student listens to his teacher at a classroom of a North Korean primary school. Public servants like these rarely receive rations or wages, which contributes to the rise in 'illegal teachers' or tutors in the country. /Yonhap

In North Korea, the best brides are teachers

Mothers consider a range of factors when contemplating and choosing the perfect daughter-in-law, including what occupation they have. In North Korea, “illegal teachers” are the number one choice.


What is really in those fuel tanks?

In North Korea, where fuel is scarce, one wonders what laps against the walls of those tanks.