Balloons containing DVDs secretly launched into North Korea by activists

Thursday 4th July, 2013

At around 16.40 KST on July 4th, North Korean human rights activist Lee Man-bok of NKDW launched balloons into North Korea from Kimhwa in South Korea.

The balloons containing DVDs were sent to float north with the southwestern wind, according to Mr Lee.

The DVDs show the strength of South Korea’s military, which will persuade the North Korean recipients of the fact that the DPRK state has been lying about its military superiority, Mr Lee explained.

The launch was organized in collaboration with Kim Seung-chul of NK REFORM, who helped prepare the 1500 DVDs for distribution.

Mr Lee said, “On a good day, we would have launched eighty balloons. But because it is the rainy season, we launched twenty-two.”

The launch was conducted without prior announcement; an earlier publicized launch planned by North Korean activist Park Sang-hak, winner of the Vaclav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent, was thwarted by South Korean police at the scene.


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