Exclusive: Director of Light Industry discharged from duties

Thursday 15th October, 2015

An Jong Su (b. 1951), Director of KWP Light Industry Department, was discharged from all duties on September 5, according to our internal correspondents.

An became a representative of the 12th Session of the Supreme People’s Assembly on June 2012. He was selected as a member of the KWP Central Party Committee on September 2010, the Cho Myong Rok National Funeral Committee on November 2010, the Kim Jong Il National Funeral Committee on December 2011, the National Sports Guidance Committee on November 2012, and the 13th Session of the Supreme People’s Assembly on March 2014.

An received the Kim Il Sung Medal on March 2012, and officially presented as one entrusted by the Kim Jong Un state to lead in the sphere of economic affairs.

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