Exclusive: The Textbook of Revolutionary Acts of Respected Leader Kim Jong Un

Tuesday 21st April, 2015

New Focus reveals sample text from the teacher’s guide to the Textbook of Revolutionary Acts of Respected Leader Kim Jong Un, a handbook for schoolteachers to be used in ideology classes.


The lessons are designed for students in their early teens.

The document begins with the opening remarks:

The Great Leader Kim Jong Il said the following quote: “Comrade Kim Jong Un possesses outstanding skill and presence and has the full support and loyalty of the people.”

Respected Leader Kim Jong Un is the shining sun of pioneering Choson.

A contents page is also included, with chapters titled, “The Extraordinary Nature of Respected Leader Kim Jong Un”, “Fulfillment of the Eternal life of the Leader whilst Entering a New Century of Juche”, and so on.

The contents page of the document.

The contents page of the document.

Each section gives instructions for teachers on how to facilitate the deification of the new leader during lessons, complete with discussion questions and preferred answers.

For example, section two of the very first chapter in the document makes outrageous claims that Kim Jong Un was legendary since childhood. The reason for this is that, “Our Respected Leader was born to be just like the Great Leaders before him” and, “Our Leader’s mind and spirit have the same force and vigor of Mount Baekdu”.

A story is included to prove the extent of Kim Jong Un’s greatness, by claiming that, “Our Respected Leader demonstrated heroic qualities of courage and fortitude, as well as superb intellect, from a very young age, by defeating a famous foreign technician in a high-speed boat race.”

An excerpt:

One day, a famous and affluent foreign boat technician from visited our country.

This technician, who was the test driver and engineering expert in his company, was known to be most talented in the field of high-speed water vessels, and even arrived with a boat named “The Mountain”.

When our then-young Respected Leader Kim Jong Un learned of this, he proposed a contest, and boarded a train bound for Wonsan that very night.

Our Respected Leader met him at the wharf, and, after asking only a few questions about the mechanical engineering aspects of the boat, asked him to participate in a race. “After all, you do seem like a skilled technician.”

The technician, surprised, said, “This boat can reach a speed of 200 kilometres per hours. If you are sure that you can manage this, then race we shall, on a straight route.”

(Note for teachers: Ask students to calculate how many metres per second this is. Upon completion, ask them to imagine a high-speed boat travelling at 55.56 metres per second.)

Our Respected Leader said that racing on a straight route may determine the vessel’s performance, but would hardly amount to a real contest, and instead proposed a return trip, and two turning points were determined on the route a fair distance away from the wharf.

As the race began, the foreign boat technician, full of confidence, showed off, and began at an easy pace. However, the technician became alarmed upon viewing our Respected Leader, who travelled at the speed of lightning, and so picked up his speed and tried in vain to follow.

However, it was too late. The technician, who lost the race, exclaimed, “This cannot be!” and proposed a second round.

And so, the second race began. The technician, in an attempt to redeem his failure in the first round, set off from the wharf at the highest speed he could possibly manage. However, his weakness was revealed at the turning point, where he lost control of the speed of the boat and ended up travelling in a very large circle. Our Respected Leader, who had anticipated this, travelled around the turning points at a controlled and steady pace, turned beautifully like a figure skater, and advanced to first place in the race. In the end, the foreign boat technician lost the second round.

After the race, the technician expressed his awe at our Respected Leader’s knowledge of boats and driving technique. He was also shocked that a young child could drive a high-speed boat like “The Mountain”, and lauded him as a king of driving technique. He was also intrigued at his bold spirit, referring to his confident proposal, and commented that our Leader was positively out of the ordinary. He also requested another competition at his company in his hometown, expressing his delight that if that could be possible, the company would earn great fame and an excellent reputation.

The document also provides a guide for teachers to stimulate discussion among the students regarding the greatness of Kim Jong Un, by asking the question, “What can we learn from the outstanding qualities of our Great Leader?” and instructs them to place emphasis on his heroic qualities and high intellect. The answer to the question is also included in the guide: that his expertise surpasses even the best foreign boat technicians.

Last page of the document, with authors.

Last page of the document, with authors.

This is only a small section of approximately 140 pages of how-to’s on perpetuating the state cult ideology and deification of the Kim family. To find out more, please contact New Focus International.


Reporting by Joyce Williams


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