Military communication lines cut between North and South Korea

Wednesday 27th March, 2013
On 27th March, North Korea announced that military communication lines between North and South Korea would be cut.
North Korea’s state news agency KCNA said, “Due to the insensitive maneuvering of the enemy, the military lines set up for communication between North and South Korea have already lost their significance. According to orders, the North Korean officer responsible for military communications between North and South Korea delivered a notice to the southern puppet military authorities at 11.20 KST, 27th March.”
The notice read, “According to orders, military communications lines between North and South Korea are being severed. At the same time, we state that our officers responsible for the West Sea military communications office are ceasing their duties. This measure will remain in force as long as the anachronistic and hostile behaviour towards our republic continues.”

It continued, “From now on, there exists no line of communication between North Korea and the US, and between North and South Korea.” Finally, the notice stressed that “The defensive will of our people and military for the protection of our sovereignty and highest dignity will continue to be demonstrated by physical means.”

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