North Korea fires shots, South retaliates

Friday 10th October, 2014

Following the anti-aircraft rounds fired by North Korea, South Korea’s military issued the “Jindotgae One” alert. This is the highest alert level issued in response to national security threats.

The North fired in the direction of the balloons containing anti-North leaflets, which were launched by activists from Yeoncheon in Gyeonggi Province, around 80 km north of Seoul. The South retaliated with 40 rounds from K-6 machine guns, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

South Korea’s Ministry of Defense stated, “Civilian activists launched balloons containing leaflets from 14:00 KST, in the Hapsuri area of Yeoncheon. From 15:55 KST, firing from the North could be heard for around twenty minutes.”

A considerable number of North Korean bullets landed on South Korean soil, with some reportedly removed by the South.

A South Korean military representative explained, “According to the military manual, when the source of shooting cannot be determined, we fire back to the enemy’s GP (Guard Post). In following protocol, we fired 40 rounds of K-6 at the enemy GP.”

There are no casualties on South Korea’s side.

North Korea had declared earlier through its ‘Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland’, “If Southern Chosun (South Korea) authorities continue to allow or remain silent about the launching of balloon-leaflets, inter-Korean relations will revert to a deadlock of irresolvable ruin.”


Reporting by Shin Jun-shik.
Read in Korean
Translated by Haeryun Kang. Edited by Shirley Lee.
Featured image: Michael Hatamoto

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