[Feature] North Korea looks towards Hitler and the Third Reich


Update GMT 13.13 June 17: Official DPRK responses

Among Kim Jong-un’s gifts to some of North Korea’s highest ranking officials this year were copies of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, according to a trusted source who serves as a DPRK official in China.

To mark Kim Jong-un’s birthday on January 8th, DPRK officials ranked departmental director and above in the National Defence Committee were presented with the autobiography of Adolf Hitler in the form of a “hundred-copy book”. (This refers to a limited edition of translated books which are officially banned but have been published in secret for the consumption of members of the North Korean elite.)

During the rule of Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il, DPRK officials received holiday gifts of western liquor, tailoring fabric and other foreign luxury goods. Since Kim Jong-un came to power, however, the leader’s customary holiday gifts have been very different, including items such as imported sports equipment, CDs and foreign books in translation.

“Kim Jong-un gave a lecture to high-ranking officials, stressing that we must pursue the policy of Byungjin (Korean for ‘in tandem’) in terms of nuclear and economic development. Mentioning that Hitler managed to rebuild Germany in a short time following its defeat in WWI, Kim Jong-un issued an order for the Third Reich to be studied in depth and asked that practical applications be drawn from it,” the source told us in a telephone interview.

He added that Kim Jong-un highlighted sports as the secret behind Germany’s unity and ideological successes. Kim also stressed the superiority of Hitler’s thinking in childhood-related policies, and issued an order for propaganda departments to encourage a “Three Child” policy.

During Kim Jong-il’s rule, state propaganda associated large families with the need for more soldiers. A mother who sent eight children to serve in the military was the heroic model in childhood-related propaganda because she had reared “eight cannonballs”.

Under Kim Jong-un, families are being given different incentives for having more children. According to the new policy, a family with three children will receive privileges such as being granted priority for university entrance.

In addition, they will be moved higher up the housing lists and will receive double rations on holidays. Ri Sol-ju, the wife of Kim Jong-un, has been made responsible for directing the “Three Child” policy, and a cult depicting Ri as “the Mother of Chosun” has become a focal point for propagandists.

Rumours have been spreading among the Pyongyang elite that Kim Jong-un made a close study of Hitler while at school in Switzerland, according to a second trusted North Korean source, a DPRK business representative and a frequent traveler between Pyongyang and China.

Spreading rumours among the elite that reinforce a message delivered through other channels has long been a tactic of North Korea’s propagandists.

We were also told that Choe Pu-il, the director of People’s Security (secret police) made a speech at a national security meeting in which he referred to the Gestapo: “We are equivalent to a secret police force. In other countries, people fear the secret police more than they fear the army. Stop focusing on ways to make money in the markets, and mould yourselves after the Gestapo. In the Kim Jong-un era, the Ministry of People’s Security is the most powerful section – be proud.”

The speech has been widely publicized among the elite and this has heightened the atmosphere of fear and mutual suspicion, said our source.

A copy of a classified document obtained by New Focus attests to the increasing characterization of Kim Jong-un among the elite as a brutal figure, in spite of his youth. This is in stark contrast to public characterizations of the new leader, and to official characterizations of his father, Kim Jong-il.

The document, stamped “Secret” and restricted to military officials ranked above the political bureau level, is titled, “In faithfully carrying out the orders of the Chairman of the Central Military Commission Comrade Kim Jong-un, sole successor of Dear Supreme Commander Comrade Kim Jong-il, the propagandists of the Korean People’s Army will play a central role and lead the way.”

In one section, Kim Jong-un is quoted as saying: “If there is a kitchen knife at hand, strike the enemy with it; if there is a club, club the enemy. You must use anything and everything at hand to bring about reunification of the homeland.”

High-level exiles testify that the use of violent imagery in internal communications is extremely unusual.

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(The source’s name and affiliation is stamped at the bottom of the title page, and the image has been cropped to protect his identity.)

Unlike his father Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un is always surrounded by associates in official photographs depicting him at work. Moreover, DPRK state media has put great emphasis on sport over the past few months, and Kim Jong-un is frequently surrounded by children.

These add further confirmation to the sources’ testimonies that suggest Adolf Hitler is being promoted as a source of inspiration for Kim Jong-un’s propagandists, who are making increased efforts to ratchet up an atmosphere of terror among the North Korean elite.

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  • David Taylor

    Well that is another eye opener? What is going on?

  • Loltikoperman oopariterampen

    I dont believe your sources for four main reasons
    1) Hitler was against Communism
    2) Nazi tried to invade USSR , the main helper of the North Korea
    3) The worst enemy after USA is Japan , who worked together with NAZI
    4) Hitler promote white supremacy … and today the only country who kills brown people is USA

    So ? why do you lie now ?

    • Lurked

      How is that related?
      They’re not saying that north korea is trying to pursue the nazi beliefs or anything like that. They’re saying that north korea is trying to learn from what hitler did, rebuilding germany and such.

    • NewFocusINTL

      I find your comments amusing, so I’ll respond!

      1) Hitler’s Party was a Nationalist “Socialist” Party. North Korea is actually not communist, it is socialist. You can check all their media for evidence.

      2) USSR may have been a helper of North Korea, but since the Soviet Union collapsed, North Korea has not been helped by Russia as the “main helper”, but rather, China.

      3) The “worst enemy” after USA is not Japan, but South Korea.

      4) Hitler promoted racial purity, not white supremacy per se. For example, they saw Iranians (who you may call “brown people”) as Aryan like them. North Korea is supposed to promote racial purity too (read B R Myers for example).

      • Jim Liu

        Please add the statement to your website.

        “North Korea has officially deny the story and condemn the report.”

        if your website wants any credibility at all.

        • NewFocusINTL

          Please check the front page under media analysis, we have already done that.

          • Jim Liu

            You should also updated this story with North Korea government official deny. When I first jump to this site, unless I go to your home page, it is no way to know whether or not there is any official response.

      • Loltikoperman oopariterampen

        1) Hitler had different opinion about socialism . If you read Karl Marx , Lenin and Stalin … you will realize that they are talking about different socialism. Also North Korea does not need documents from NAZI , It created already a far greater socialistic , militaristic and technological superior from any other socialistic country after Stalin’s achievements.

        2) Yes China , Iran and other anti-USA countries help North Korea. However , they still support USSR and everything it did. I want to ask an irrelevant question. If you had only one option to choose between two countries China and North Korea , then which one would you choose ? Because capitalism will ask you the same question in the future .

        3) South Korea is not a threat … believe me , North Korea has more support from South Korea , rather than from Japan. Especially when South Korea ‘s poverty line increases , the North Korea will look like a paradise.

        4) Yes North Korea has its own nationalism (it is another reason , why would NK need Hitler’s advice , if they already done it better?). But they are not racists. Even they support homosexuality , where Hitler did not support it.

        • Your mother

          Facepalm…. NK a paradise compared to the south poverty if it increases?

    • Your mother

      Go back to sleep….. You are muddling what is going on. Hitler killed millions of white Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Jews (Yes white jews, jewish is not a race you know), Russians and gosh even germans.

      Why DO YOU lie now bro?

      • Loltikoperman oopariterampen

        Yes Hitler killed white people , but if you ever lived in europe … you would realise that a german people have different facial characteristics from a british , greek , french , white jew etc. They killed them because of these differences and because they supported the opposition mainly communists and capitalists.

        • Your mother

          Wrong again… What about the Italians? Hitler worshipped their asses because they where a pure breed same as the Japs.

          • mandril

            are you stupid?

          • Sev

            Untrue. Hitler detested the white English masses, thought the Dutch were fugly and said so, and believed the Italians were degenerated already…even though white. Plus Hitler allied with Bose, al-Husseini, al-Gailani, and even interviewed an African American named Dr. S.J. Wright. Read “Black Nazis II” and clue in before you hurt yourself. There were 3 million non-whites/non-Germans in Hitler’s armies including Black Africans, Indians, Thais, Chinese (look up Chiang Wei-Kuo), etc., etc.

      • Sev

        But Roosevelt and Churchill didn’t kill millions? What about sweet Uncle Joey Joe? Please. Pot. Kettle. Black. Read “Warwolves of the Iron Cross: The Union Jackal”. That book will wake you up to Churchill’s Indian Holodomor (yes, Churchill, not just Stalin) and American war crimes and lies galore.

  • questionmarks

    While we all mock North Koreans for believing everything the North Korean media say about us; we are believing everything that our media tells us about North Korea.

    Anyone who has really researched North Korea, and read more than sourceless news reports would really question whether this story has any truth in it.

    • NewFocusINTL

      Thank you for sharing your comments. You must know much more than all those who have lived inside North Korea and work for the regime.

  • Moses kestenbaum ODA

    Kim Jong-un’s Jong-DUNG DUNG what a piece of sh-t of human trash he is , I sure hope that the day is close that this human trash should bite the dust oe hang from a lightpole upside down like mussolini did

  • Hamsterdjuret

    Which East-Asian country does not admire Hitler? National Socialism, it’s Führerprinzip as well German/Prussian military culture and strong hierarchy has some similarities to Confucianism which was strong in Korea for centuries and is more or less engraved into korean culture.

  • our fat leader

    Though this Kim Jong-un was going to start a war etc he was all battle ready a few weeks ago with the might of his laughable armed forces? Has the chubby tubby slob eaten all his nukes his cheeks get bigger by the day or is he hiding them there rest of his people stave he gets fatter an blotted by the day lol

  • Sev


  • Joven Ramirez (新朝偉)

    Can they still play China, Russia v. the US, Japan, South Korea? If so, they can try to be the 21st century’s Nazi Germany. But I personally don’t believe it’s possible. They’re too provocative and crazy.

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