North Korea showcases South Korean clothing brand


Screen capture from video of Ri Myong-hoon uploaded by Rodong Sinmun on March 26th, 2013

On March 26th, North Korea’s state newspaper Rodong Sinmun uploaded a video about North Korean basketball player Ri Myong-hoon and his family, entitled ‘The Tall Basketball Star Respected by the World’. In the video, Ri Myong-hoon is seen sporting a South Korean clothing brand.

FILA is a clothing brand established in Italy in 1911. In 2007, however, FILA moved its headquarters to South Korea and is managed by South Koreans.

It appears to be an accident that North Korea, which threatens to drown South Korea in a ‘sea of fire’, has showcased a clothing brand of its enemy through its propaganda mouthpiece. The basketball player Ri Myong-hoon himself would have known about FILA due to his experience of living abroad, but he probably kept silent; to say that the brand was South Korean would have been taken as his endorsement of South Korean goods by the authorities.

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  • Confucius Confucius

    Please translate the new “hot” Dennis Rodman in Pyongyang article that appears on your Korean website and post it here on your English website as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

    • NewFocusINTL

      Your wish is fulfilled!

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  • Jack

    That basketball player couldn’t look any uglier!

    • Marvin Wells

      They all have “hard” looking faces.