[Feature] North Korean Exiles Gather in Solidarity

Thursday 6th June, 2013

On June 4th, representatives from the North Korean exile community in South Korea gathered to commemorate Korean War dead at the national cemetery located in Dongjak-gu and show their support for the nine North Korean youths repatriated from Laos.

Over thirty group leaders were present, from North Korean exiles’ organizations such as Democratic North Korea Committee, Free North Korea Confederation, Free North Korea Radio, North Korean Freedom Front, Sungy Front, Refugees Front and NK Cultural Solidarity.

After commemorating the Korean War dead, they demonstrated for the South Korean government to ensure the safety of the nine North Koreans recently repatriated to North Korea.

In solidarity, they shouted, “We call on the South Korean government and international community to show responsibility for the forcibly repatriated North Korean youths!”

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