'Rodong Sinmun' publishes a new song on its front page

A new song entitled ‘The Glory of Life’ was published in the front page of today’s edition of the North Korean state newspaper, Rodong Sinmun. In North Korea, only compositions that have been ratified by the ruling Kim have valid status as a song that may be sung by the people.


North Korean song

The lyrics contain the following refrain: “We followed the General on this path / Oh, the glory of joy! Oh, the glory of suffering!” These words urge the North Korean people to consider even suffering as glorious a thing, as long as they obey their Leader. As during the period of the ‘Arduous March’, the North Korean state is choosing to keep the media spotlight focused on the benefits of unquestioning loyalty to the Leader. Whether this will have the same effect as it did in the 90s, however, remains to be seen.

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  • DPRKFan

    Help! How can I show my support for the Dear Leader in my country. USA

    • http://www.facebook.com/TTebow15 Confucius Confucius

      Get a Kim Jong Un tattoo on the side of your neck.

  • Dgreen

    Would it be possible to put this to music? Perhaps in three suits: sombre ideological strings, trumpeting military troupe and futuristic synth

    • NewFocusINTL

      three suits or suites? Thinking of Men in Black or something…