In Brief: an unprecedented appeal from Kim Jong-un

Kim appeals for speedy completion of ski grounds

Kim Jong-un appealed publicly for the Masikryong Ski Grounds to be completed within the year, although it is a project difficult for others to complete “even in ten years”, Rodong Sinmun announced on the front page of its June 5th edition.

Kim Jong-un visits Masikryong Ski Grounds. Source: Rodong Sinmun.

Kim Jong-un visits Masikryong Ski Grounds. Source: Rodong Sinmun.

In an appeal dated to June 4th and titled, “Let Us Create the ‘Masikryong Speed’ and Usher in New Heyday on All Fronts for Socialist Construction,” (sic) the Korean article quoted him as saying, “let’s begin a full assault in the ultimate battle for completing the ski grounds within the year!”

The graphic military metaphors were omitted in Rodong Sinmun’s English version of the article, although the workers were referred to as ‘soldier-builders’.

The article finished with a reference to the byongjin line: “He called on all the people including workers, farmers and intellectuals to further reenergize all the economic sectors of the country and positively contribute to implementing national economy plan by fully implementing the WPK’s line on simultaneously pushing forward economic construction and the building of nuclear force.”

This is the first time that a personal appeal to workers from Kim Jong-un’s has been made public.